Levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) pollution in the air

What is the Indicator?

Annual average levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution exposure measured in μg/m3 (micrograms of gaseous pollutant per cubic meter of ambient air). Figures are calculated by modelling annual average concentrations, calibrated against national monitoring data, of nitrogen dioxide.

A value is assigned to each residential dwelling (based on its square kilometre), and these are averaged across each census output area (geographic unit comprising around 150 properties). Average NO2 concentrations for higher geographies are calculated by taking a population weighted average over the constituent census output areas.




Average level of NO2 (μg/m3) in 2021: 7
2021年のNO2(μg/m3)の平均レベル: 7

Figure 1: Average level of NO2 (μg/m3), 2007 to 2021


Description of figure 1:

The bar chart shows that overall, the average concentration levels of NO2 to which people are exposed have been declining over the past decade.



What does the data say?

The national indicator on NO2 emissions shows that overall, the average concentration levels to which people are exposed have been declining over the past decade. After a period of relative stability between 2017 and 2019 (at around 9 μg/m3), the average concentration decreased to 7 μg/m3 in 2020 and remained at 7 μg/m3 in 2021. The highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide emissions are found in urban areas and near busy roads, reflecting the contribution of traffic and urban activities to poor air quality.


NO2排出の全国指標は、全体として、人々が暴露される平均濃度レベルが過去10年間で減少していることを示しています。2017年から2019年の間に相対的に安定していた(約9 μg/m3)の後、2020年には平均濃度が7 μg/m3に減少し、2021年も7 μg/m3のままでした。二酸化窒素排出の最高濃度は都市部および交通量の多い道路付近で見られ、交通と都市活動が大気汚染に寄与していることを反映しています。

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Last update:July 2022

Next update: November 2023 (provisional)

Source 1: Air Concentration, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Source 2: Small area population estimates (SAPE), Office for National Statistics

External links to: data and other pollutants: [raw data](https://gov.wales/raw-data) and [maps](https://gov.wales/maps); indicator [data set](https://gov.wales/data-set); Further context: information and maps relating to [air quality in Wales](https://gov.wales/air-quality).

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出典: National Community Child Health Database (NCCHD)

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指定: National Statistics


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