Average capped 9 points score of pupils, including the gap between those who are eligible or are not eligible for free school meals

What is the Indicator?

The capped 9 measure (interim measure version) was introduced in 2018/19 and focuses on Year 11 pupils’ results from a maximum of nine of the qualifications available in Wales, including subject specific requirements. This indicator includes analysis of the gap between those who are eligible (eFSM) or are not eligible (nFSM) for free school meals.

The average capped 9 points score (interim measure version) in 2018/19 was 354.4 for all pupils, 298.9 for eFSM pupils and 376.2 for nFSM pupils, a gap of 77.3 points.

School performance measures were suspended during 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22. The percentage of GCSE entries by Year 11 pupils in all subjects achieving the grade range A*-A, A*-C and A*-G was reported on for those years.





Figure 1: Percentage of GCSE entries awarded by grade range in all subjects A*-C

図1:すべての科目における成績範囲別のGCSEエントリーの割合 A*-C

Description of figure 1:

A filterable bar chart showing that higher percentages pupils eligible for FSM attain fewer qualifications in all grade ranges and years than pupils not eligible for FSM.



What does the data say?

- The gap between pupils not eligible for FSM and pupils eligible for FSM awarded grades:

  - A*-A has narrowed in 2021/22 to 19.2 percentage points from 21.3 percentage points in 2020/21.

  - A*-C has slightly widened in 2021/22 to 27.8 percentage points from 27.3 percentage points in 2020/21.

  - A*-G has widened in 2021/22 to 6.3 percentage points from 3.0 percentage points in 2020/21.

Due to the disruption to schools as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Minister for Education confirmed that the Welsh Government would not calculate or publish performance measures in 2021/22 for both Year 11 and sixth form cohorts. This continued the arrangements from 2019/20 and 2020/21.

The 2022 examination period was a transitionary year, where relevant qualifications sat by Welsh pupils returned to written examination. This was not a complete return to pre-pandemic examinations. To compensate for any disruption to the school timetable, pupils who sat exams in 2022 were given a wider choice of questions from the syllabus, with Qualifications Wales setting results broadly midway between 2019 (the last time examinations were sat) and 2021 outcomes.

Pupils that were awarded a qualification during the 2020 and 2021 summer periods were awarded grades based on a centre determined or centre assessed grade model. Grades were determined by schools and colleges, based on their assessment of learners’ work, using a range of evidence (including non-examination assessments, mock exams, and classwork).


- 無料学校給食を受ける資格がない生徒と無料学校給食を受ける資格がある生徒が授与された成績の間のギャップ:

  - A*-Aは、2020/21年度の21.3パーセントポイントから2021/22年度には19.2パーセントポイントに縮小しました。

  - A*-Cは、2020/21年度の27.3パーセントポイントから2021/22年度には27.8パーセントポイントにやや拡大しました。

  - A*-Gは、2020/21年度の3.0パーセントポイントから2021/22年度には6.3パーセントポイントに拡大しました。




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Last update: December 2022

Next update: December 2023

Source 1: Welsh Examinations Database, Welsh Government (via Awarding Organisations and a contracted collection body)

Source 2: Pupil Level Annual School Census (PLASC), Welsh Government

Designation: National Statistics

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