Number of people who can speak Welsh

What is the Indicator?


This indicator measures the number of people aged three or older able to speak Welsh.


What is the milestone?



Description of Figure 1: A filterable line chart showing the number and percentage of the population aged three years or older who are able to speak Welsh according to the census, from 1911 to 2021.

Note: Data point for 1981 has been revised since previously published.



Figure 2: Percentage of the population aged three years or older able to speak Welsh, by population characteristics


Description of Figure 2: A filterable bar chart showing the percentage of the population aged three years and over who are able to speak Welsh, by sex, age, ethnic group, disability and socio-economic classification.


What does the data say?

The number of people aged three or older able to speak Welsh has decreased over the last century, from almost a million (977,000) or 43.5% in 1911 to 538,000 or 17.8% in 2021. The percentage of the population able to speak Welsh varies by age and is highest for 5 to 15 year olds.



Since 2011, estimates from the National Survey for Wales of those who have more than some Welsh speaking ability have remained stable at around 19%, but there has been an increase in those who say they have some Welsh speaking ability.

The latest data from the 2021 Census show that around 462,000 more Welsh speakers are needed to reach the milestone of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.



Contextual information

The percentage of people who report that they are able to speak Welsh is tracked between censuses by the National Survey for Wales for adults and the Pupil Level Annual School Census for children.

The indicator can also be considered alongside the 'Percentage of people who speak Welsh daily and can speak more than a few words of Welsh' (indicator 36) which uses data from the Welsh Language Use Survey.


ウェールズ語を話せると報告する人の割合は、成人のためのウェールズ国民調査と子供のための年間学校調査(Pupil Level Annual School Census)によって国勢調査間で追跡されています。

この指標は、「毎日ウェールズ語を話し、数語以上のウェールズ語を話せる人の割合」(指標36)と併せて考えることもできます。これはウェールズ語使用調査(Welsh Language Use Survey)のデータを使用しています。

Contact email: WelshLanguageData@gov.wales
Last update: August 2023 (Census 2021)
Next update: To be confirmed
Source: Census and National Survey for Wales
Designation: National Statistics

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Link to data: Age and gender, Other characteristics
Release: Welsh language in Wales (Census 2021); Welsh language by population characteristics (Census 2021)

連絡先メール: WelshLanguageData@gov.wales
最終更新: 2023年8月(2021年国勢調査)
次回更新: 未定
出典: 国勢調査およびウェールズ国民調査
指定: 国家統計

データへのリンク: 年齢と性別、その他の特性
リリース: ウェールズにおけるウェールズ語(2021年国勢調査); 人口特性によるウェールズ語(2021年国勢調査)

First published
29 September 2022

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